On a mission to unite fashion with a deep respect for our planet. Underprotection was founded in 2010, a Copenhagen-based brand made for women. We have a promise of protecting our environment and people, while still encouraging an exploration of creativity and self-expression, through powerful colours and patterns.

The purpose of our company is to create fashionable and sustainable lingerie, loungewear and swimwear for women. We want to make a difference by making it possible to combine ethics & aesthetics.

We are constantly focusing on being as responsible and ethically correct as possible. We are taking active choices in making positive and meaningful changes both socially, and environmentally, in our community and around the world.

Sustainability is not just a trend to us. We are committed to this lifestyle and aspire to bring our community along on our journey, so we can grow and make a change together.

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“We always strive to make the most sustainable choices even if it is not necessarily the most economically sensible choice, but for us, it is not only a business, it’s a lifestyle and a belief that the future must and can be greener. It is our goal to always improve - in everything we do”.

Co-Founder & CEO Stephan Rosenkilde

We believe that fashion and sustainability can be united. Our style is bold and colourful while maintaining a focus on Scandinavian simplicity. Our designs radiate feminine details and bold prints that challenges the stereotypical look of sustainable lingerie.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, unrestricted by society’s expectations. We strive to design for all shapes and sizes. We design for comfort and for feeling your best. We design to make it known that triangle bras can be for everyone, no matter the size of your chest.

We wish to make women all over the world feel included and special when wearing Underprotection.